domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Export and Enjoy! (How to...)

I'm glad to bring an aplication that people find useful, thanks for all comments . At the moment I'm little busy but I promise work in more functions and improvements taking in count the recomendations.
Some people have problems for export their models so This time I wrote a tutorial for how export the obj models using autodesk maya. I Hope will help you

All right , lets prepare a obj model for our new 3D viewer for android

1. We make sure of the model do not excess the 20,000 tris, as we can see the number of tris is 4382 , so we won't have problem.

2. It's important combine all elements in one piece of polygons, (if you have just one don't worry about this step) . In this example we have two pieces: Mesh1 and Mesh2.

3.We select them and go to "combine tool" (red square) or select in the Menu-Mesh-Combine , the pieces will merge in one mesh.

4.After that its recommendable clean the modification so we delete the history of the mesh, ( it's like the Modifers in 3DMax) . For that we select in the menu "Edit- Delet All by Type-History" and "Edit- Delet All by Type-Non Deformer History"

5.In this case, we don't have texture, we assign a Lambert material in the HyperShade ("Window-Rendering Editor-Hypershade") Selecting the mesh and Right Click to the Lambert1 material and then selecting Assing the material to Selection. (NOTE: for using textures you will have to eliminate the spaces in the name of your jpg files and re-assign them in the same material, if your jpg files doens't have space you won't have problems , i will post that with more details in this week.) .

That's it! we have ready our Model to show it in the android tablet!

6.We need to export it in a OBJ model, for that we make sure that the plugin is enabled, we go to the Menu-Settings/Preferences-plugin Manager , look for the option of OBJexport and select loader and auto Load.

7.Export and Enjoy!

If you have another problem, just make me know .

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

My OBJ model loader App

This is my first post, i just want to make a little introduction about my App for android. I tested it in a Iconia A500 tablet, i'm not sure if it will work in others android devices ( i really hope so), but iguess its a good starting . It can load a model under the 15,000-20,000 tris, also reading his texture. The basic usage is pretty self-explanatory: you touch the "load OBJ file" Button, a file browser will appear and you just have to find your model, wait a little and after a few seconds you will see you model. If you have a question or a problem, please, post it in a comment and i will help you.