martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

My OBJ model loader App

This is my first post, i just want to make a little introduction about my App for android. I tested it in a Iconia A500 tablet, i'm not sure if it will work in others android devices ( i really hope so), but iguess its a good starting . It can load a model under the 15,000-20,000 tris, also reading his texture. The basic usage is pretty self-explanatory: you touch the "load OBJ file" Button, a file browser will appear and you just have to find your model, wait a little and after a few seconds you will see you model. If you have a question or a problem, please, post it in a comment and i will help you.

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  1. hey bro, can you send me the apk file of the app

    3D Models Viewer OBJ & Texture, cuz my android market don't download your app


  2. I just brought your app last night, works fine with my Motorola Xoom using your models, but I tried so models exported from 3D Studio Max and Meshlab and didnt worked. Could you gimme info about what program are you using for export/create obj files? Thank You

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  4. Hello MMz, i'm using Autodesk Maya for the exporting.
    How many tris have your model? The app works with a number of triangles below of 20,000. Maybe your OBJ is too big.
    Your model have Textures? try exporting it with just one material.
    If you continue having problems, send me your obj file and i will check it.

  5. thanks for the great app..
    loaded up a few of my models, some work some don't.. still figuring out the right way to save them.. the ones that load look awesome!

    this will be so useful!

  6. would be great if you could add a "quit" button.. right now i have to kill the task from the task manager

  7. Hello Chaitanyak, i'm glad that you find it useful, i wrote a tutorial for that.
    Thanks for the recomendations, i will take them in count, but look, I use the app "Open advance task killer" for close the apps i'm not using. You can find it in android market.