jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

New App! Obj loader with Augmented Reality

That`s it. With this you can load the models that you have in your devide and show everyone using augmented reality. It will looks like its really in front of you.
You will need to print this image to make the camera track the correct position and place the model.

-Print it, 
-Open your app
- Touch the "look for 3d model" button.
-Navigate in the Browser and doble tap in the name of your OBJ file or press "Select"
-Place the target image in the view of your camera and...

Thats All! You Can take a snapshot with the button "Snapshot" that will make a file in your Download Folder.  (  /sdcard/Download/ )

Enjoy and make some FeedBack
Test the app with this models:

Link to the download page

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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. Disculpa, no entendí tu comentario, quisiste decir "¿puedes encontrar el código y la interfaz de la aplicación?"

  3. Disculpas.. Buenas tardes, es posible que me puedas compartir los archivos con los que desarrollaste la aplicación?

  4. Disculpa ,no puedo mandarte los archivos fuente y códigos con los que trabajé pero te puedo guiar hacia una buena dirección. Lo construí con el motor 3d Unity, te lo recomiendo y además es gratis.

  5. hi, I love the idea of this app but I've got a problem while using my own models. I used blender to create them and when I load my models in the app nothing happend while i have the picture in front of me.

  6. Hi Patrick, can you send me your OBJ models ? i will review it to see what could it be.
    You can send them to my email:
    Thanks for use my app!