jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Augmented Reality Anywhere

Few days ago i  submit a new app in GooglePlay : "Augmented Reality Anywhere". (soon in appstore )

With this app you can make any image in an image scannable target!!. i.e. You can use a magazine,  presentation card, poster, CD, your T-Shirt, even if you wanna draw with a Sharpie in a post-it you can do it!, possibilities are endless.

I want to thank all those awesome people who bought my application, i really appreciate that.
I will update it with more features like scale the models and rotate, and a  Zombie animated model   to.

You will make me a favor if you share this app to your friends, you can share via facebook, twitter, google +, spread the word using below buttons and you will help me to do more apps.

Click here to go the app page 

2 comentarios:

  1. Thks. Is this only for 3d? Can include video or text or website? Tks

  2. Hi Paul, this app doenst include videos, text or link to a website, is just for load the format OBJ 3d model. If you are looking for that solution you can download my app "Beesionary" that will allow you see videos, links to webpages and text, just like you ask me. The content is "living" in a cloud and readed via my App. (beesionary).
    Sergio Castillo